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Fresh Unit CPT: 021 555 2874

Fresh Unit JHB: 011 0296124

Enquiries: info@freshunit.co.za

Welcome to Fresh Unit Logistics

Transport and Location Management Specialists

Established since 2005 under the supervision of Peter Ndifon with more than 10 years experience in the industry as a unit transport and locations manager. You can be assured of only the best possible service form Fresh Unit.The company is owned and managed by Mr. Peter Ndifon.We serve customers nationwide, are known throughout South Africa, and have become respected in our local business community and by fellow Transport companies by proudly serving, customers with integrity and true customer service.Couple that with flexibility, quality and competitive prices, and it’s no surprise that we have a very loyal customer base.

Our Belief – You are able to work with the same people “From Conception to Completion”, reducing lag time in communication between suppliers, and eliminating the “Blame Game” often played when working with multiple companies.